5 Reasons Never To Pay Full Price For A Mattress

5 Reasons Never To Pay Full Price For A Mattress

When you want or need something, it can be hard to listen to the voice of reason in your head and wait for a discount to come around. Most people feel that when they’ve found a mattres they like, they need to buy it right away even if it means paying the full price. Today, we want to share 5 reasons with you why you should never pay full price for a mattress.

  1. Your Needs Change

As we age or our weight fluctuates, our needs change for a mattress too. For example, when you first started looking for a mattress, you wanted something extra firm, but you’ve developed some joint problems along the way, so now you need something else. Life is not constant, and since your needs and whims can change regularly, don’t splurge or spend full price on a mattress. By getting a steep discount, you won’t feel bad when you need to exchange your mattress for something softer or firmer.

  1. Mattresses Don’t Last

The fact that mattresses hardly ever last the 8-year warranty is a dead giveaway that you shouldn’t be paying full price. Though memory foam lasts a long time, most innerspring mattresses give you a good few years of use at best. If you have to keep buying a mattress every three or four years, there’s no reason to purchase something expensive.

  1. It Isn’t Just About The Mattress

Purchasing a mattress goes beyond just spending money on a mattress. Most people have to purchase a foundation, a bed frame as well as a number of bedding sets. The cost of all of these items can easily add up, and you may not have the budget to accommodate all of your needs if you don’t save on the mattress itself.

  1. The Warranty Is A Nightmare

Oh yes, we have all read the online descriptions of all mattresses coming with a warranty, but at what cost? Most companies rarely honor their warranties, even if the springs inside of the mattress have completely worn out. At the end of the day, no matter how fancy or designer you mattress is, you will have to invest in a new one.

  1. No Mattress Is Perfect

A mattress isn’t something you should purchase hastily online. It’s a product that not only needs to meet your expectations and needs, but it also should be well within your means. If you really go out of your way to buy something expensive, you’ll judge it differently and feel that the cost wasn’t worth it. Take the time to research and wait for a discount to come around!


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