How old are you google?

How old are you google

First of all, in Google search you are looking for information needed in everyday life, to school or work. You use it to find answers to your bothering questions, broaden your knowledge, get to know the latest news or gossip from the world of stars, find the best specialist in the area or an online store offering attractive products at affordable prices. How old are you Google?

September will be 22 years since the creation of Google. The first product of the technological giant, now known as Alphabet, was the search engine. Google officially debuted on the Internet on September 27, 1998.

How Google was created – the history of the famous search engine

Google (Google Search) is an internet search engine that was created to organize information posted on websites around the world and allow each network user to conveniently access them. This is the main mission that guided Google creators and despite many changes in the operation of the search engine itself, its technologies and search methods, it is still the most important assumption. The most famous search engine in the world is the result of a student project led by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University in Silicon Valley (USA). In 1996, students of this prestigious university developed an Internet search engine that would use mathematical analysis of the relationships between websites. Two years later (September 7, 1998), the originators of the search engine founded Google Inc. (in Menlo Park, California) and then launched The site quickly became a hit among Internet users and began to bring huge profits from text ads. Page and Brin moved the company’s headquarters to Mountain View, California and began further development of the company, which became a global IT industry tycoon and a globally recognized brand.

How old are you google

How has Google changed?

The search engine has changed a lot over the years. Logo colors and name remained as they were at the beginning, but the company added a lot of new products, including Gmail – the world’s most popular email and Android, the operating system that most smartphones have. Google has repeatedly tested various visions of its web search engine. Each subsequent iteration was deprived of subsequent graphic elements. From simple shapes, uniform colors … white and even simplicity remained. Many services are already adapting to the new guidelines. Dedicated cards become prettier, which of course is a matter of taste, but certainly more readable and with a larger dose of information. 

How does Google search?

Google strives for excellence and showing the best results Google search engine aims to provide Internet users with valuable information that is the answer to the queries they enter. The search does not take place every time in real time, but in a database previously collected by Google. Search engine robots (Googlebots) scan the Internet and then index individual subpages of millions of websites from around the world. This creates a Google index – a list of the most important data from collected and analyzed websites.

With Google, you plan trips, going to the cinema or to a party with friends, choose a dentist or kindergarten for a child. The search engine helps you in everyday life and facilitates the organization of many matters. It is available on your home or company PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone. 100 years of Google!



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