Should You Ride Your Bike To Work Or Take Public Transportation?

Should You Ride Your Bike To Work Or Take Public Transportation

At Biketraffic we often get business owners asking us what they can write about on their bike shop blog. This blog post was made for the purpose to answer this question. Below you will read a fun article about biking to work or taking public transportation; this is the same kind of article you can be sharing with your readers.

Many people choose to live close enough to work to bike to work or use public transportation. There are many pros and cons to both. Here are a few to get you thinking about which is your best option.

Pros To Biking To Work

  • You’ll get plenty of exercise.
  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint.
  • You’ll save on gas and fees for your commute.
  • You’ll save wear and tear on your personal car.
  • You may be eligible for an incentive at your office for riding your bike instead of driving your car to work.
  • You may save time on your commute as you can take routes that cars and buses can’t take.
  • You’ll save on parking permits.
  • You’ll save the cost of a bus pass.

Cons To Riding Your Bike To Work

  • If you run errands after work, you won’t have much room for your shopping products to take them home.
  • If you go out after work, you have to be concerned about where you park your bike and make sure that you lock it up.
  • If it’s raining, you’ll still have to ride your bike inclement weather.
  • If it’s snowing, you may not be able to ride your bike at all.

You’ll have to be able to afford a bike that will be sturdy enough for all of your travel needs. You can often find great deals online by searching Google for your bike. Just use the search term “commuter bike” or something similar. That way you will be able to find a great bike business shop online.

Pros To Public Transportation

  • You’ll still reduce your carbon footprint by not driving your car.
  • Your company may reimburse you for your bus pass or a portion of your bus pass.
  • You’ll be dry if it’s raining (except for walking from to and from the bus stop and to and from the office from the bus stop).
  • You can often store your bike on the front of the bus and ride part way or just bring your bike and ride it home or during lunch.

Cons To Taking Public Transportation

  • You’ll be exposed to more germs as many people ride the bus to and from doctors appointments and more.
  • You’ll have to have a bus pass or pay a daily bus fee.
  • You’ll have to wait for the bus, and it may be inclement weather.
  • You’ll have to choose the bus that is closest to where you need to be, but it may still require that you walk distance.
  • You’ll have to renew your bus pass each month if you’re not paying on a daily basis.
  • You may have to change buses to get where you’re going.
  • If you work late, you may miss the bus entirely.

Clearly, there are many great options out there for getting to and from work. If you prefer to combine the two (both biking and bus travel), you’re not alone. Many people do this and enjoy the freedom of having a means of transportation at their disposal no matter what hours they work.


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