When to get an attorney for a car accident?

When to get an attorney for a car accident

Causing a traffic accident is one of the few crimes that can be committed unintentionally. A conviction for the crime of causing an accident, even through unintentional violation of traffic safety rules, has severe consequences. For causing an accident in which another person has died, he or she may be punishable by up to 12 years imprisonment. Very often a criminal measure is imposed in the form of a driving ban. When to get an attorney for a car accident? 

Causing a traffic accident

Most road incidents involving minor bumps are only an offense and end in a penalty ticket or order. However, if as a result of an incident, another person suffered a violation of bodily functions or health disorder for a period of more than 7 days, such an act will constitute a criminal offense. As indicated above, it will not matter whether the driver intentionally or unintentionally violated the rules of road safety.

Penalties for causing a traffic accident

A road accident is treated as a crime and is punishable by: imprisonment, driving ban, the length of which depends on the type of accident. The penalty may also be the obligation to repair the crime caused to the injured party in whole or in part or compensation for the harm suffered by the injured person.

hen to get an attorney for a car accident

If we have not been previously punished for committing an intentional crime, and the circumstances of the case are undisputed (e.g. we admit that we have actually violated the rules of road safety), you can try to use the institution of conditional discontinuance of proceedings which gives you the chance to modify the penalty that is threatening us, e.g. instead of suspended imprisonment, no imprisonment, for example, instead of e.g. 1 year driving ban, no driving ban, you will also have to take into account compensation for the damage caused to the injured person or compensation for any harm suffered. However, if there are doubts as to the circumstances of the incident, we believe that the “injured person” is only guilty in the occurrence of the accident or significantly contributed to it, there are doubts as to the duration of damage to the injured person’s health, it is worth trying to fight for or change the legal qualification we are accused of an offense for an offense for which there is a significantly milder punishment or even an acquittal.

Legal assistance in a road accident

A road accident is one of the most frequently committed offenses related to road traffic, for which there are severe penalties, therefore if there is a situation in which we receive allegations of causing a road accident, you should carefully analyze the facts of the case, verify the content of the expert opinion, testimony of witnesses of the event, etc., so as to choose the most favorable solution in a given situation and to minimize the risk of receiving a severe penalty or even to lead to acquittal. So let’s use a lawyer who will help us in this difficult situation.



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